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A factory on the move Beijing

In Beijing, as in many large Chinese cities, the rising price of real estate is pushing factories away from city centers.

Although this radiator factory is still located 10 km from Beijing’s city center, it is on the move: 80% of its production line is already in another location 30 km from downtown Beijing. The rise in real estate prices allowed the company to reinvest in a modern production line and better working conditions for its employees. On the other hand, many of its skilled workers refused to leave their neighborhoods to move outside the city. The current plant manager explained that new workers must then be found and trained at the new site, while the those workers who refuse to move have to be retrained in order to find work in their neighborhood which no longer has an industrial orientation. In Beijing, population growth is like a giant tidal wave advancing at 1 km per year, pushing factories and craftspeople further outside city limits due to anti-pollution laws or rising real estate prices. The factory is now practically empty and we take our leave of Mr. Guo wishing him good luck with the relocation.