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Craftwork & industry Foshan

In Foshan, industry and craftwork meld together around a common goal: development and a quick profit!

In Europe, the boundary between industrial and craft production seems clearly defined. Craft workers use their hands and perpetuate a certain way of working, while industrial production focuses on the rational manufacturing of products using automated production lines to minimize labor costs. Because labor is cheap in China, no such distinction exists. Small productions are spontaneously setup in garages along streets, so that while walking around the outskirts of towns, you might stumble upon families polishing stainless steel casts used to mass produce injected plastic products. Independent craftspeople chain-produce parts in industrial quantities using secondhand machines often purchased from European factories. Foshan is also one of the largest industrial cities in the Guangdong area. One of these industries is ceramic production, with over 1000 plants manufacturing tiles, sinks and toilets exported around the World.