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Industry spills out onto the streets Guangzhou

In Canton, people stitch, pack and sell 24/7/365, minus the xiu xiu.

In the end, there is no need to leave the organized tour itineraries to visit a Chinese factory, especially when this factory is on the street. Strolling around Canton is like visiting the World’s largest factory. Thousands of small hands are finalizing the products that will soon be on our store shelves: the last labels are sewn on, and 40-kg bundles are packed and rolled over to the next person along the chain, who weighs them and stows them in trucks ready to leave for the Shenzen port. Each task is well defined, and as in a bustling anthill, everyone’s rank and role are well defined. Businesspeople from every continent run around, one phone in each hand, followed by panting translators and porters struggling to keep up. Lunchtime offers a break as porters sag onto the soft bundles of clothing for their xiu xiu while the businesspeople gather around a halal lamb kebab or a hamburger inside a wrapper displaying the familiar golden arches… just like home.