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Socks factory Datang

In Datang, over 10,000 companies produce one third of the World’s socks

Our second visit is to Datang. Located a few kilometers from Zhuji, Datang is the sock capital of the World. We use the same strategy as in Zhuji, hoping that the season is more favorable to socks than it was to pearls. In the huge sock trading center, we meet Mrs. Zhang who invites us for a tour of the small factory she owns with her husband. At their family house, Mr. Zhang takes us to their chicken coop where he pulls a curtain right next to the coop to give us access to his micro-factory: about 20 high-tech machines are spinning away in a deafening sound and spitting out piles of socks onto the dirt floor, waiting to be packed away. Everyone in Datang lives off the sock industry, the machines running 24/7 in the courtyards and cellars of people’s houses. Datang is a city of 200,000 where everything revolves around sock manufacturing: the supply chain is located at the city’s outskirts, with thread and machine producers and logistics and distribution companies, allowing Datang and surrounding areas to churn out over one billion pairs of socks annually.