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Swiss precision in every pocket Dongguan

The Pearl River delta is home to high-tech factories where many of our mobile phones are assembled.

Agie-Charmille, one of the jewels of Swiss industry, let us into their Guangdong facility. The company provides high precision machine tools for mobile telephone manufacturers in the area. The machine tools, which are designed and produced in Switzerland, are used, among other things, for making the plastic injection molds used to produce phone and tablet cases. After a brief presentation on the importance of their technology for the plastic industry, company staff invites us to visit one of their clients in the area, an investor from Hong Kong who produces molds and small plastic injection parts. In a recently-completed wing of the plant, we meet six employees in white blouses in charge of programming a futuristic production line: a giant robotic arm on 30-m rails loads, distributes and replaces steel blocks and tools on a production line consisting of about a dozen machines. During our stay in China, we met many people, Chinese and Occidental, who are convinced that Chinese industry must take the modernization turn, and this plant is a striking example of such modernization!