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Middle East street Yiwu

Everyday 214,000 foreign businessmen and women conduct business in Yiwu

Just as New York, London, Paris and Milan have their Chinatown, there is a street in Yiwu where local traditions are set aside in favor of sthose of other countries. In this street, one can find barbers, kebab stands, djellaba stores, veiled women and nargilehs. At nightfall, dozens of people from the Gulf region, the Middle East and Africa come together after a long day of trading at the Yiwu market, and sip tea at terraces, while waiting for a dinner of lamb kebabs. This striking contrast underscores the importance of “Made in China” around the World. Africa, India and the Golf states are major clients, who are not only interested in gadgets and toys, but come here to buy basic goods, construction materials, tools, even kitchen utensils.